Unwelcome wind undressed Chestnut’s golden gown, stark, stripped bare to bark. Gold-leaf garments scarred where bound, torn, paper-thin to ground. Bitter breath ground with grating gravel-rain, penetrated to vein. Ice sheets suffocate bare til broken down, tarnished gold to brown. Sodden remains surrender to green-tip, wounds healed, the winter yields. “Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Leaf’


Inside she dreams, Inside she is dreaming, Wild, faithful. Mountains run Where their feet can’t be. Perpetually. Outside she hides, Outside she is hiding Fierce, Older, Rivers look Back over their shoulder. Eventually. Til tender-touch Touches tender Softens hard, Lightens dark, Honours their Kaleidoscope, Unexpectedly. “Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Surprise’