Seven times, telling chimes entwined in air Each ring interlaced in night’s tangled hair. Vacant coin-faced moon’s advent coincides Escalating peals to rise then subside. Nocturne dawns nightly. Boundless muse abounds night’s darkened mind, Each bell recounted a passage of time. Lightly hushed lullaby resounds in prayer Listens spellbound to wisdom’s aria. Silence sleeps soundly. …

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Inside she dreams, Inside she is dreaming, Wild, faithful. Mountains run Where their feet can’t be. Perpetually. Outside she hides, Outside she is hiding Fierce, Older, Rivers look Back over their shoulder. Eventually. Til tender-touch Touches tender Softens hard, Lightens dark, Honours their Kaleidoscope, Unexpectedly. “Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Surprise’