Expression: The use of words and melody to create an outward impression of my inner world.


When you speak, sing or write, I interpret less of the meaning and more of the feeling. The rhythm and rhyme, the sounding, pace and pauses, the way you say it, the falter, the word you choose or the one you didn’t choose, the connection, double meaning or antonym, the emphasis of alliteration, punctuation of consonants or the airy vowels, gives me a sense of who and how you are.

In turn, I express my inner world through mine and that is all that this place is, a small space for my “Expression.

A little insight into how I write; I explore the spaces in between the words and play with holographs, metaphor and representation, whilst I seek and create connections by name, number, colour, symbolism, sound or experience.

I challenge structure. I need it as a starting point but resent it’s boundaries, so I bend my own rules; an extra line or beat, a rhyme in the middle to spite the end, a turn in direction, a lift instead of a fall or an imperfection simply because it is exactly that, imperfect.

I prefer an open end, a twist, an imperfect cadence, a further possibility; for whilst I am still here, hearing and breathing, my quotation marks remain “open, as nothing is yet finished.