Thank you…

I’ve been quiet expressing my poetic or personal thoughts recently, however my mind has been full and this creativity has spilled out into my business.

I’ve been a financial adviser since 2016, which I love purely for the people I serve, but felt something was missing, something human, something helpful, something impactful. I found this missing piece during lockdown when I completed my training to become one of the UKs first accredited financial coaches. What’s this is imagine you asking…

Well I invite you to follow the blog that’s being created from this desire to serve, give and empower ordinary everyday people like you and I to relate and influence our money in an accessible, comfortable and, dare I say, easy way. Please come over and support me as I share the news that money is about us, our emotions and past experiences and the relationship we have with money can be influenced entirely by ourselves.

Introducing The Finfluencer – Be your own greatest financial influence (because you already are)

But I really wanted to say Thank you. Thank you for your prompts, your comments, your inspiration, likes and encouragement here on my personal pens, it’s your support that’s given me the confidence to blog ‘seriously’ about something that really matters to me and I’ll be eternally grateful for the ‘lift up’ you gave me to succeed.

With Love, and “Expression

Catherine x

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