Corrugated catalyst to your imagination,

Empty boxes filled your boyhood days,

Perfect props for endless ad-lib plays.

You rocketed me to see the Earth from Mars

Added paper plate wheels for day trips in your car

With kitchen-roll canons we took your tank to battle

Against the evil robox we defended our silver-foil castle

You hid for hours inside your steggered box-asaurus

Giggling inside whispering ‘do you think-he-saw-us’

A Jack for your brother, the Dr lost in time

Arc for the chosen few, emergency doors for 999.

A thousand magical mystery tours

Cut, taped, paint-daubed and plain

We built them tirelessly, time and time again.

Til time did tell;

My stinging tears darken the brown,

Of one last box that we fill with all you own,

As you ad-venture into the real world,

A Man.

“Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Box’

Submitted for Thursday’s Open Link Night over at Dverse Poets Pub.

16 thoughts on “Box

  1. I am going through my mother’s things at the moment and find so many memories boxed. Not just hers and mine and my sisters, but my grandmother’s great grandmothers, etc… and in the end, they have lost their meaning. A great write about all the joys of childhood…


  2. Your delightful poem brought back fond memories of playing with cardboard boxes – not only from my own childhood but also from my daughter’s! I love the phrase ‘Corrugated catalyst to your imagination’ and the lines:
    ‘You rocketed me to see the Earth from Mars’
    ‘You hid for hours inside your steggered box-asaurus
    Giggling inside whispering ‘do you think-he-saw-us’.
    Oh yes, and the reference to Dr Who – I’m still a huge fan – and ‘A thousand magical mystery tours’.
    It’s a wrench packing up their things and launching them into the world.

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  3. Thank you for your lovely warm comments, so much appreciated especially when you put a piece together that feels so emotional, I welled up (read sobbed!) when I read it to my son, he smiled and gave me a Half a hug! Proud of him and am sure his creative imagination will take him far, perhaps not as far as Mars this time 🙂


  4. hypercryptical

    This reminds me so much of my sons and their love of boxes and of my grandsons now – boxes fire the imagination so much more than ready made toys.
    I am glad that your closing stanza was about your son leaving home a man, as initially I thought it was leading to something more sadly permanent.
    Like your words a great deal.
    Anna :o]

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  5. Glenn A. Buttkus

    So touching, emotional and personal. As chicks leave the nest, there is a plethora of emotions that swirl up within. Their journeys and adventures just happen, and with each year passing, we participate less.

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  6. This brings back memories of the many uses/transformations that a refrigerator box went through when my boys were young. It was the best toy.
    This was my favorite line, “Cut, taped, paint-daubed and plain.”

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