Two rooms deep, five floors high, like a grandfather clock; tall hall, on hall, on hall.

Wall upon wall of clocks telling time after time hide the real walls built behind.

Between watching walls, six still faces hide at a time; life after life in the balance.

Whilst the watchmaker keeps watch for occupied boots; hunched over the piece she realigns

Faithfully saved; one at a time.

“Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Clock’

“Insight; Corrie Ten Boom was the first woman trained as a watchmaker in the Netherlands and a Calvinist Christian. During the German occupation of the Netherlands, she hid Jews and Gentiles behind a fake wall in her home. She and her family were eventually arrested and sent to a concentration camp where her father and sister both died. She was released due to a clerical error toward the end of the war and went on to write The Hiding Place’. During her imprisonment she received word that the ‘all the watches in your cabinet are safe’.

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