Am F – C G Am F

I tried to breath out to confess

The dark-cloud secret in my chest

A pure man could not hear my sin

I need to find a different one.

Saw him dancing in the storm

He did not know that I was born

Falling wildly unconstrained

I could not catch his name

And He said 
To the sound of the rain

I walked through storms and rains and sleet

Turned down every darkened street

Poring them to cleanse relief

I did not find a trace.

Through time and turn I turned again

But time I’ve paid over and when

I speak it’s no longer mine

My story would not release

And He said
To the sound of the rain
Your name

I washed and washed but it did not clean

My sins and and faults ingrained within

Tainted stains were left instilled

Baptism unfulfilled.

I sought his maddening once more

To tell him what I really thought

His smile a glimpse in halcyon eyes

He knew that I had not cried.

And He said
Listen to the sound of the rain
Your name
Once again

“Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Breathe’

‘Insight: This prompt found its way out late last night whilst curled up with my guitar, inspired by the finger-picking story-style of early Cohen – think ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’ or ‘Songs from a Room’

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