Dad’s stride, fly me like a kite to town

Went home, left me in the bank town

Carnival float, dressed in theme town

Hardware store, bored now town

Excited in the outdoor store town

Waiting for sister’s dance class town

Buy by the pound, sweet shop town

Summer dress days, Mum and I town

Allowed to go in alone town

Hanging out instead of school town

Chip shop scallops and bits town

Chlorined, been for a swim town

Finding my brother smokes now town

First date pizza and ice-cream town

Youth club spud-u-like fun town

Coffee, cake, controversial chat town

Left-wing leafleting and count town

Fell in and out of love twice town

Almost made it home, drunk town

Overdraft turned down town

Pushing the pram alone town

Waiting for the bus in the rain town

Window shop and wishing town

Quit it all and moving on town

Visit every now and then town

Steady smile, as I know now

No town is home like a hometown.

“Brief: 366/2020 project, prompt ‘Town’

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