My fear is the forest,

Faceless, vast and overgrown,

where known entwined with unknown

And knotted stomachs in it’s branches.


Fearless I face you,

tiny hands on tilted hip

Knock-kneed and stubborn lip

Familiar forest, I see you,

And tremble a little less.

“brief; This weeks Tuesday Poetics hosted by Laura was ‘less is more’.  We were challenged to use one or more of the ‘-less’ words to inspire and include in our work.

10 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. Faceless, vast and overgrown,

    where known entwined with unknown

    I like that a lot – even though we know what a forest is, we don’t know quite what we will find there. Even though we know what fear is, we don’t quite know how it will find us.

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  2. Maybe it says something about me, but the poem made me think of the fear of the unknown in the first child, and how I had to hold her to know there was nothing to fear. The word tiny perhaps and the tilted hip is the position we adopt holding a child in our arms.

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  3. Courage here is fearless only to that degree one acknowledges how fearful they are and act the face of it. A nice diptych here, the forest reflecting in the speaker’s gaze in the first stanza and the speaker facing off with forest in the second. The childlike elements of the pose suggest an early encounter with the fearsome forest and what was learned back then which tempers fear and forest. Well done!

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