Your warmth awoke before me, how could I resist,

Resist the dawning coaxing,

That your morning promise kissed.

Coaxed my wake from sleeps arms,  my promises to keep,

held dawn up to my window,

And let night turn over to sleep.

“brief: this Thursdays DVerse ‘Meet the Bar’ hosted by Frank Hubeny was to create a poem using the stylistic scheme of Polyptoton which uses words derived from the same root repeatedly for persuasion.

10 thoughts on “Promise

  1. I found the notion of polyptoton strange–a formal name for what every poem has to pull and knead and surprise with. I read your whole poem as one, and though there were specifics, counting them seems a distraction. A ‘promise’ as the plural ways we wake from sleep’s wake to love. Lovely and luxurious.

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  2. I have yet to try this – it’s a kind if repetition poetry form which give emphasis – and that here is the wake/sleep conundrum of the narrator. My favourite line is “held dawn up to my window,” – how could the sleeper or reader resist that?

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    1. Indeed, who could resist waking to the warmth of dawn coaxing – I liked the personification of ‘night turning over to sleep’ to allow the narrator to wake to they day – thank you for reading and your lovely feedback x


  3. There are many polyptotons here. What impressed me was the use of this at the end and beginning of a line in the one on ‘coax’. That seemed to emphasize it more. The repetition of the word ‘resist’ had a similar effect.

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