A Shuffle of Grandads

a shuffle of grandads

an aching of bones

an aching of waiting

a weighting of days

a set in of ways

a lone of being

a being of alone.


a drift of forgotten

a company of estranged

a part of the past

a party of none

a promise of lost

a murder of grief

a wisdom un-heard.


an absence of words

a chatter of silence

a wake of nights

a bed of empty

a memory of fading

a connection of none

a family of no-one


a counting of clocks

a passing of time

a losing of hope

a channel of soaps

a staring of boredom

remote on the side-board,

remote in the world.

“insight; A play on collective nouns to illustrate the singularity of being isolated and alone.

The campaign to end loneliness tells us there are 1.2million chronically lonely people in the U.K. with two-fifths of elderly people citing TV is their main company, with loneliness across all age groups is increasing.  Share a few words with a stranger, No one should have no-one.

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11 thoughts on “A Shuffle of Grandads

  1. Effective form for the content. The more electronically connected the population becomes the more isolated we seem to be. I like your prologue information and agree with reaching out to others as often as opportunity arises.

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  2. I heard about the campaign, and truly loneliness is the shadow of the digital age and opioid epidemic. Alone in a crow is what the collective nouns crow, and like phobia the loneliness ices deep and deeper. Well done.

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    1. Thank you Lillian, I enjoyed the word play inspired by playing collective noun games with my 10 year old but ‘shuffle of grandads’ seemed such a sad lonely start. A few minutes from everyone sharing words with each other would have such an impact on the issue of loneliness


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